Very Cool Twitter Background Just For Free

Here I have fun today, sharing a handy background for your Twitter account. Change it according to your details.  It is a fully editable PSD.  It has worth of $3.  But free for my friends.;-)

Snapshot- Twitter Background

Easy to change and update

Well Organised

100% Fully Editable PSD!

Download Link

All About Twitter

Twitter is great for promotion, whether it be of your own posts,other bloggers content, or information at other websites whether that be a post, video or a link to content in all its different mediums.

Twitter runs on several channels such as:

  • The general stream or public stream for all to see
  • The DM (Direct Message) channel  – only between 2 people on the private channel
  • The @stream or RT that still is public but is collected in that persons feed
  • # for aggregating Twitter updates at one location whether it be for an event or a hot topic or a sector

I use the public stream of  Twitter for a broadcasting marketing tool for my blog posts both current and past as well as other bloggers posts that I think are worth Tweeting. I also use it for communicating in public where appropriate.

The tool I use to automate the distribution of my posts is tweetdeck.  It is free and has really nice desktop version for Windows.

Another tool I use is twitterfeed where I can automate sending out other bloggers new posts that I know always deliver top content.

Here is the list of some websites who are really good in managing and automating your tweeter accounts.

1. CoTweet

You need to register before you can use CoTweet, which lets you schedule the tweets and send them right now or in any specific time to one or multiple Twitter accounts. You can read, reply or retweet the tweets of the mention/direct messages, your friends’ updates and your twitter lists. If the URL is shortened by, you can see how many times it has been clicked.

2. Dynamic Tweets

You need to create a new account in Dynamic Tweets, then you can schedule the tweets and send them immediately, how many minutes/hours/days/weeks later, or in a specific time. You can add tracking code and spinnable text to every tweet. You can also send the tweet to multiple Twitter accounts at a time.

3. FutureTweets

You can register a new account, or log in with your OpenID. Once your Twitter account is verified, select your timezone, input the tweets, and then schedule the publishing time. There are 3 funny things you can do with FutureTweets: add some funny images to the tweets, flip the tweets, and set the time by moving the clock needles.

4. HootSuite

HootSuite lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts as well as your Facebook, your LinkedIn and your You are able to attach pictures, videos and document to the tweets, to schedule and post the tweets to all the accounts at a time, to read, reply or retweet the tweets of twitter lists, and so on.

5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph was called TweetLater before. You can register a free account or a paid account. For free account, you can schedule how many minutes, hours, days, or weeks from now on the tweet will be posted to one or multiple Twitter accounts, but you can only schedule 12 tweets per hour.

6. Taweet

You need to sign in with Twitter OAuth and verify your email account, then you can schedule your tweets, post the tweet to multiple Twitter accounts one by one, read the tweets of your stream, replies, and direct messages, and so on. There will be a link added to every tweet you send from Taweet.

7. Twaitter

You can sign in with Twitter OAuth or your username and password. Twaitter lets you schedule public tweets and publish them in any time. And you can reply, retweet, or favorite the tweets, see if the tweeple follow you, manage your multiple Twitter accounts, and so on.

8. Tweet-U-Later

When you sign up, you will get an email address, to which you can schedule your tweets with Tweet-U-Later by sending emails. You are able to schedule public tweets as well as private massages, you are also able to schedule recurring tweets, but just don’t violate the Twitter rules.

9. TweetFunnel

You need to create a new account in TweetFunnel before you can schedule your tweets, which also can be published right now or held in the draft. You can see the tweets of home stream, mentions, direct messages and reply, retweet, or favorite them.

10. Twittontime

Sign in with Twitter OAuth, select your time zone, and then you can schedule your tweets. The Twittontime dashboard just looks like a calendar, you select a date, write down your tweets, and schedule the publishing time.

11. Twuffer

Sign in Twuffer with your Twitter username and password, select your timezone, and then you can schedule the tweets by hours, which means you are not able to set a specific time like 8:30 am, but only 8:00 am or 9:00 am.