Islam The Great Religion

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ISLAM---World's Greatest Religion!

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

25 suggestions to add to your life

1. Start off each day with ‘azkar al-istiyqaz’ (waking up supplications), thanking Allah for waking up in good shape.

2. Put Allah (swt) and then Prophet Mohammad (saw) before anything else in your life.

3. Broaden your horizons-learn 5 New verses from the Quran, travel to pray the Fajr in the mosque to brighten your day, take up a booklet having azkar-alsaba7 (morning supplications) and read them.

4. Pray Salat Al-duha (after sunrise) and also the remaining 4 obligatory salaat of the day.

5. If someone says something mean to you, just shrug it off and dismiss it in a friendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive him or her. They will probably get the message that they’re not triggering your anger and they will stop.

6. When you get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life is to…

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Treatment From Food (Great Words)

Here is my new post in Lets Breath Section, Which is not related to I.T.  Have a look to this great poem said by Indian Muslim Hakeem/Dr Bappo Muhammad Ibrahim.  English version is subject to the availability of time so please don’t mind as you know my English is not so good.  If someone wan’ts to translate in English please do it for English readers as a comment to this post.