Monitor Your Computer in a Hidden Way With KGB Keylogger Software

Every Good Network Administrator want’s to keep track of activities performed by his/her End Users.  The KGB Keylogger is very handy tool for this purpose specially when security of the department is concerned. This product have lots of features like key-logging, screenshots, program activity monitoring, website monitoring, computer activity and chatting logs.  The cool thing of this software is No one can find it after installing because it can not be found in running processes, task managers and add/ remove programs.  The software can be launched by pressing secret combination of keys prescribed by the admin of the software.  Admin can disable what feature he don’t wants to log.  Like keylogging may be not required by every one, so it can be easily disabled in setting.  This software can be run on standalone environments or Admin can also receive user’s log at his local SMTP mail server.  You can download it from here