Completely Delete Data from Your Hard Drive (Specially Good For Govt Departments)

The recycle bin of Windows does not delete data from your hard drive when you click on”empty recycle bin” or deleting file pressing SHIFT+DELETE button.  Its just mark the space available for new data to write. So its mean data is always there until new takes the same place where deleted data was written. even then, sometimes fragments of data remain.

To truly overcome on this sensitive security issue you need to delete the data completely from your hard/flash disks. Here is cool free software with the name of eraser.


Once you have downloaded and installed Eraser, run the software. At the top of the screen, click Settings to view the software’s high-tech security options

Under Erase Settings, use the drop down menu to view potential deletion methods. You will notice methods based on military methods from around the world. By default, Eraser uses the 35 pass method, which should completely decimate all data.


If you want to be able to deny later that you purposely erased information on your hard drive, you can designate a specific file or series of files to use in the re-writing process. This might allow you plausible deniability later.

plausible deniability

When you have saved your favorite settings, click the drop-down arrow next to erase schedule and choose New Task.


Click the Add button towards the bottom of the window to choose files and locations to erase.

task window 1

From the next window, you can choose to erase specific files, files in a specific folder, unused space on a drive, or everything in the recycle bin. When you have made your selections, click OK twice to run Eraser.

stuff to erase

Eraser is a good way to delete data from your hard drive. Will it stand up against the best cyber crime fighters in the world? We do not know for certain, and would really rather not find out!