How to Remove Water Marks of Windows Preview Versions/Builds

Whenever Microsoft releases a testing build of Windows or service pack, a watermark is always shown on Windows Desktop. This watermark usually shows the build/preview versions of Windows.

I personally don’t like it to be displayed on my desktop as it hides some part of the wallpaper and sometimes doesn’t look good on Desktop wallpapers.

There are many methods available to remove the watermark from Windows Desktop. These methods include modifying system files and playing with registry.  However, I was not interested to play with my system/registry files so I found a nice tool which works for me like charm on new release of Windows Preview 8.1.  Here is the link for my blog readers:

Download Link

Microsoft Launches Windows 8.1 Preview Download Link


Microsoft today officially launched Windows 8.1 Preview, the first public beta of its flagship operating system’s next version, at its Build developer conference in San Francisco today. For Microsoft, Windows 8.1 represents a chance to fix some of the issues with Windows 8. The fact that Microsoft is bringing back the Start button and now allowing users to boot right into the desktop is a sign that the company has been listening to its users. In many ways, 8.1 — even in this Preview version — is what Windows 8 should have been.

As Microsoft has said for a while now, the usual three-year update cycles for Windows don’t really work anymore in today’s environment. Even though Microsoft delivered over 700 improvements to Windows 8 since its launch, Windows 8.1 represents quite a bit more than just the culmination of these efforts. It’s not just a service pack but actually…

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Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Introduces A Smarter Virtual Keyboard For Touchscreens


The Windows 8.1 Preview, which is launching today, includes a number of small improvements, and one of the cooler ones is the new touchscreen keyboard that’s now significantly smarter and allows you to type much faster than before.

While it doesn’t adopt a Swype-like mode, the keyboard now supports a number of gestures that will make your life a bit easier. Type-ahead suggestions now appear right underneath the word and by default, Windows 8.1 Preview will always show you three options.

As Microsoft’s user experience lead for Windows 8.1 Preview Jensen Harris noted in a press briefing yesterday, it’s pretty annoying to move your hand away from the keyboard and tap on a word, so the company came up with a better way of doing this. You can now use the space bar on the keyboard to swipe left and right to select the right word. Just choose the…

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Microsoft Confirms WebGL Support For Internet Explorer 11


Our own Frederic Lardinois noted that the new version of Internet Explorer wasn’t a major revamp, but it does play home to some very compelling changes under the hood.

Take WebGL for instance — nearly all of Microsoft’s major browser rivals have already jumped on that bandwagon, and now Antoine Leblond confirmed at Microsoft’s annual BUILD conference in San Francisco that Internet Explorer 11 (which should officially debut alongside Windows 8.1 later this year) will indeed support WebGL too.


Granted, this tidbit won’t come as much of a shock to those paying very close attention — an early version of Internet Explorer 11 spotted in a leaked Windows Blue build this past March late last month basically confirmed as much, Microsoft posted a kooky Vine (seriously, with browser puppets and everything) that strongly hinted that WebGL support was in the works. All that said, this is…

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With Windows 8.1, Microsoft Wants To Own The Kitchen, As Well As The Living Room And The Office


Microsoft is adding a bunch of new things to Windows 8.1, as the first part of its “rapid release” plan for its desktop OS. One aspect of the update is the new Food and Drink app for Windows 8, which is all about those two things, as you might’ve guessed. It’s a small addition, but one that uses a fairly ingenious interface gimmick to really make using it in the kitchen environment easier.

The Food and Drink app provides easy access to recipes, ingredients, grocery lists and more, but it also uses your device’s camera to operate a hands-free mode that lets you scroll through recipe steps with swipe gestures that don’t require touching the actual screen. It’s like the no-touch gestures built into Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 smartphone, but built for a specific use case where someone might actually, you know, want to use it. Messy hands covered…

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Dropbox For Teams Gets Dropped In Re-Branding To Reflect “Business” Focus


Dropbox is renaming Dropbox Teams to better reflect its change in business focus. The move comes in tandem with Dropbox’s new support for single sign on (SSO) and partnerships with Okta and other identity providers.

Dropbox for Business will replace the old name, reflecting the company’s change in focus to be more on larger business customers than teams within organizations.

In particular, this means support for Active Directory (AD), the traditional mechanism companies use to authenticate and manage an employee’s corporate identity. Businesses of any size demand built-in security, and AD has historically served as the standard as it eliminates the user name and password model for SSO.

Dropbox customers will get all the capabilities that come with AD, including setting permissions, revoking access or adding people from the IT admin panel.

As part of the news, Dropbox has pre-integrated with identity management companies: Okta,Ping Identity, OneLogin,

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