About Shery

Asalamoalikum WRB,

Hello 2 all,

My name is Muahmmad Shahid, from Pakistan. I am student of IT/Network Field from past 8 years.
I am studying in MICROSOFT, LINUX, CISCO, and MIKROTIK ROUTEROS industrial based studies.

Currently working as a Network Admin.

My contact Email Address is :  befriend.shery[at]gmail.com



MIT, Information Technology (in progress)
Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

A + Certification (From Times Tech Institute)
* Short Course in various hardware/network courses.
*Red Hat Linux Administration (From Times Tech Institute)
* M.C.S.E 2003 (From Times Tech Institute)
* M.C.I.T.P 2008 (From Times Tech Institute)
* CCNA (From Times Tech Institute)
* M.C.T.S (WINDOWS 7 Configuration) (Microsoft)
* M.C.T.S (Active Directory) (Microsoft)


* Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2004/2006 / Traffic & Bandwidth shaping / Advance Users Policy / VPN Server

* Microsoft Windows 2008 Server / Active Directory / Hyper V

* Fedora/Ubuntu Linux base Servers

* Active Directory Domain Controller (Win.2008) with various Group Policies implemention.
* Additional Domain Controller with load balancing/Role sharing
* DNS + FTP + DHCP Servers (Windows 2008 & Linux Mode)
* IIS / Apache Web Server
* File Server
* Sharepoint Server
* MIKROTIK Hotspot Server/PPPOE Server.
* WDS + RIS (For network base windows installation) / WSUS (network base local windows update server)
* Active Directory Users Group base Policy & various bandwidth and other end user restriction polices.
* MS HYPER V Server.

*Antivirus Server (Kaspersky Administration Kit)

*Email Server (Mdaemon)

*VMWare Workstation/VMWare Server/VMWare ESXi

*Joomla/Wordpress/Blogger/Vbulletin/PHPBB/SMF Forums/SEO

Special Thanks to Teachers are:

1. Sir Naveed Jafri @ Times Tech

2. TrainSignal CBTs

3. CBTNuggets


5. YouTube

6. Google

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