Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Preview Introduces A Smarter Virtual Keyboard For Touchscreens


The Windows 8.1 Preview, which is launching today, includes a number of small improvements, and one of the cooler ones is the new touchscreen keyboard that’s now significantly smarter and allows you to type much faster than before.

While it doesn’t adopt a Swype-like mode, the keyboard now supports a number of gestures that will make your life a bit easier. Type-ahead suggestions now appear right underneath the word and by default, Windows 8.1 Preview will always show you three options.

As Microsoft’s user experience lead for Windows 8.1 Preview Jensen Harris noted in a press briefing yesterday, it’s pretty annoying to move your hand away from the keyboard and tap on a word, so the company came up with a better way of doing this. You can now use the space bar on the keyboard to swipe left and right to select the right word. Just choose the…

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