Working SQUID.CONF 2.7 Example! [Ubuntu]

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More update and high tunned squid.conf example can be found here.


Below is an example of good (aggressively) working squid.conf tested in Ubuntu v9.10 / 10.4]
I was doing some experiments on squid, it was just for lab testing but you can modify it according to your need. To get good performance from squid cache, make sure you put as much RAM as you can afford.
My recommendation is to use at least 8-16 GB of ram in the squid box.

I tested this configuration on the following hardware/OS:
XEON 3.6Ghz Dual / 8 GB RAM / 320 GB
Ubuntu Desktop 10.4

I got very good cache HITRATIO using this customized configuration. Following snapshot shows the hit ratio captured by customized MRTG graph.

Warning: Make sure that you understand each parameter’s function before applying / modifying.

Syed Jahanzaib

Note: The refresh pattern…

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