MIKROTIK :Howto Redirect HTTP traffic to SQUID with Original Source Client IP

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Howto connect SQUID box with Mikrotik and Log user’s original source ip in squid proxy log.

Consider the following Scenario.

In this scenario Mikrotik is acting as PPPoE Server. All internet traffic is passed from Mikrotik, except the HTTP PORT 80 data, which is marked and route to SQUID proxy server for caching facility and some other filtering task. We want to preserve source client IP address in squid logs, so that user web activity can be tracked via squid access log, sometimes it can be require by law enforcing agencies or can be required by administration / reporting / management purposes. So how to do it ?

I assume you already have working SQUID and Mikrotik (pppoe server with pppoe user ip pool pool in place. however you can change it according to your scenario)

We will divide this article in two sections


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