Sorry! for late posting due to heavy work load. Today we are going to arrange a shared storage solution for our lab.  However it is good idea to use Linux appliances as a SAN/NAS solution.  Openfiler and FreeNAS are very popular free operating systems that provides file-based network-attached storage and block-based storage area network.

In vSphere infrastructure we need shared/SAN/NAS storage to perform advance vSphere functions like:

  • vMotion
  • svMotion
  • VMHA
  • FT
  • DRS
  • DPM

So, we are going to use Openfiler as iSCSI shared storage.  In this case we need a dedicated server/virtual machine.  First of all download the latest OpenFiler’s ISO/Virtual Appliance from

In my lab I have created a VM for installation of OpenFiler with following configurations:

RAM 512 GB

Hard Disk 1 : 20 GB (For OpenFiler OS)

Hard Disk2: 100 GB (Secondary disk for iSCSI Target  Purpose)

Installation of OpenFiler (Step 1)

Great! now we have completed first step of installation. Now its time to configure the Open Filer for our vSphere Lab Scenario.

Configuration of Open Filer (Step 2)

Main points of the configurations:

1. Configure the Static IP for Open Filer.

2. Configure the NTP.

3. Create partition and volume.

4. Create iSCSI file system.

5. Allow the network.

6. Enable & Start  iSCSI Target Service.

7. Add the IQN.

8. Map the LUN.

We have completed our configuration of Open Filer, main points of  adding the storage (iSCSI) to ESXi  Server are:

1. Add a software iSCSI adaptor.

2. Configure the new iSCSI adaptor to use dynamic discovery & enter the IP/Host name of the Open Filer Server.

3. Perform re-scan.

4.Add storage.

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