How to Create A Virtual Machine in ESXi 5 Server Using vSphere Client (Tutorial No 2)

We have install ESXi server in VMWare Workstation in last tutorial.  To access the ESXi Server, we need a client namely vSphere Client. vSphere Client is a Windows application that you can use to configure the host and to operate its virtual machines. You can download vSphere Client from any ESXi host.

  • You must have the URL of the host, which is the IP address or host name.
  • The system must have an Internet connection.


  • From a Windows machine, open a Web browser.
  • Enter the URL or IP address for the host.
  • For example, we have install ESXi Server and going to download the client form it. or if DNS is up and resolving http://esx2.vmlab.shery.
  • Click Download the vSphere Client under Getting Started.
  • Click Save to download the vSphere Client installer.
  • Install the vSphere Client.

So here in today’s walk through we will:

1.   Install the vSphere Client.

2.  Create the Virtual Machine in ESXi Host using vSphere Client.

3.  Install the Role of AD & DC for VMLab Scenario.

Lets Start;-)

Note: After creating VM it is necessary to install VM Tools in virtual machine, which will install all the essential drivers.  The process of installing VM Tools are very easy, just clicking on Guest option available  on the menu of VM Console can enable you to put VM Tools’s ISO into the box.

2 thoughts on “How to Create A Virtual Machine in ESXi 5 Server Using vSphere Client (Tutorial No 2)

  1. Hi Shery….I have gone through your blog and created my VMWare Lab( Toshiba Laptop: i5, 8GB RAM, VMWare workstation 9)…..but I have one doubt….How can I create communication between all the virtual machines in VMWare workstation without using physical network….
    My problem is when I connected to other network…again I need to change all the IP address of LAB….
    so please explain step by step how to configure virtual network without using physical network.(configuration of DHCP, DNS)….

    • Dear Krishmy, You can achieve this goal by NAT / Host Only features and you can configure the DHCP by going in Edit from menu of VMWare Workstation then Virtual Network Editor. In Host only and NAT networks physical connection is not required. Here you can give IPs as you desired.

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