A Great and Freeway for Your Webinar/Conferencing Solutions

Today, during googling I found free web conferencing/meeting/webinar service provider. Setting up the Webinar was straightforward and the software seemed to offer all the same features that I am used to.  Once I started the Webinar I knew fairly quickly that I would recommend Anymeeting as a 1 on 1, or team, or small group meeting software solution.

There are many great features to Anymeeting that I found to be equal to GoToMeeting.  There is a catch, as the service is free, that there are ads on the registration or signup sheets.  Setting up the Event was easy and the signup sheet is attractive and professional.  The sharing options to promote the event are good, you can share using email, Social Media, Links, or embed code.  The list tracking and building tools are easy to access.  And Anymeeting sends reminder emails to participants to help encourage more attendees to logon.

  • I did not notice any problems with Video Quality
  • I did not notice any problems with Audio Quality
  • The Polling feature was effective
  • The Chat bar was effective
  • There was an option to use your webcam to broadcast, though I did not use that
  • I used Mic and Speaker Facility which works fine for me
  • Screen Sharing Option was really great

 As a Free Online Meeting Software solution, or a GoToMeeting alternative, I would recommend Anymeeting . As a Free Webinar Software solution, or a GoToWebinar alternative.  I would recommend it to small companies of Pakistan and peoples like me engaged in teaching who can choose this option for their online training purpose.

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