A Great Example of SNMP Power in The Dude

Greatly Managed, Good View of Devices/Nodes.

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Some customized probes used in this map:

  • Voice / Speak Alert on various target / devices down/up events
  • NOC Room temperature (It alerts when temperature goes above 25)
  • Vmware ESXi 4.0 Guest VM Power ON/Shutdown from Dude using Tool Menu with customized scripts*
  • UPS Load / Voltages / UPS Internal Temperature
  • IBM Lotus Number of Mail Waiting / DB Connected Users / Availability Index
  • HP Printers Toner Remaining in %
  • No. of Connected Users on each A.P
  • Disk Free/Total Statics, Alerts when Specified partition goes above 90%
  • Disk Read/Write Monitoring / Alert
  • High Memory Monitoring Alert
  • Windows Service Monitor on SAP Servers
  • Cisco ASA / Switches CPU Load/ Up-time / Temperature
  • Cisco Access Point Active Connected Users
  • Wireless Link Usage Monitoring
  • Internet / LAN Link Monitor, If the link is in full utilization i.e 4mb, the link color changes to Orange, indicating Load on the link. very useful to monitor…

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2 thoughts on “A Great Example of SNMP Power in The Dude

  1. Yes This is one of the best project I have made, Its really cool, and reminds me of NASA 😀 when the Lady ‘Microsoft ANNA’ speaks when any device goes down. Imagine it on a big screen at your NOC and voice alerts 😀 wooooooooooooooooooh

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