Facility of Web Caching in MikroTik

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Web proxy is a service that is placed between a client and the internet for HTTP web surfing. It can cache certain contents / http pages in its local cache. Mikrotik have basic PROXY package builtin called WEB PROXY. It is suitable for basic caching for small to mid size networks.

For advance caching capabilities, Use 3rd party external proxy server like SQUID.

MikroTik WEB.PROXY Recommendation

Always try NOT to use the same storage disk to store your your cache and your your Router OS, to ensure there is always enough space on your router OS Disk for logs, upgrade / update packages & Backups. Therefore It is highly recommended that the web-proxy cache is stored on a physically separate drive (store) other than the Router OS. Placing the cache on a separate drive ensures maximum performance and reduces problems if the disk becomes full or fails as…

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