How To Protect Against Mac Flashback Malware/Trojan

As you all know trends of world are changing :p, so its time for Mac now.  Yes it’s true that some 600,000 Macs are confirmed to have been infected. The claim, first made by Dr. Web.  Now Microsoft’s Windows are not alone in the arena to deal with virus gladiators.  Viruses are the common issues to every OS in the world but, Microsoft has biggest market so viruses of Windows are as popular as its Windows flavors.   But its time to protect the Mac from very famous Malware namely Flashback.

First thing to note is that Flashback is not a technically a virus, it’s a Trojan horse. Both are malicious software, but the main difference is that a Trojan horse cannot infect other computers. Trojan horses typically seem like helpful software, but once installed they make your computer vulnerable to data theft or keystroke logging, among other things.  Here are some thing to do:

  1. Check to see whether your Mac is infected by Mac Flashback. The social-networking news site Mashable has created a script that will do so for you. The instructions are on the Mashable website.
  2. If the script does find an infection, which can be at either or both of two different places in the Mac OS X file system, removal is a bit complicated.  So take the Mac Flashback removal steps detailed by Finnish security firm F-Secure.
  3. CNET has a step-by-step guide  to remove this malicious software as well.

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