Creating Additional Partition Without Re-Installing Windows Vista/Seven

One month ago, I was standing in front of Laptop shop to purchase Laptop.  The shop keeper of that shop was discussing with some one else there and saying to him, “it is not possible to create additional partition without re-installing windows Vista and above flavors. Specially when you have OEM installed operating systems which came with just one partition.  This was totally wrong statement just because the lack of knowledge so I get involved there and give the short brief on new option of  “shrink” the volume facility in Windows Vista and Above  operating systems.  After that lot of friends of mine asked the same question from me so I  have decide to write a article on the feature of shrink with complete details.

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, resizing your volumes or re-partitioning your hard drive has become a lot easier than in previous Windows versions.  This article will show you “how to shrink an existing partition or volume using Disk Management” in Windows Vista/7 to create unallocated disk space, from which you can create a new partition or volume.

1. You must login with administrative privileged account then click on my computer then select Manage.


2. Computer Management Window will appear, In the left pane under Storage, click on Disk Management. (See screenshot below)

3. Right click on partition C:, which is the only partition having Operating System installed on it then Select Shrink.

 4. When you click on shrink volume option, Disk Management will analyse the partition in order to make additional unallocated space for new partition and what to kept for existing C: partition where OS resides.

 5. After analyzing following report will be generated which I have already describe on screen shot select the size to extract out the unallocated space from the C: partition.

 6. As you can see I have selected the all what is available to extract.  Now I have unallocated space from which I can make news partitions according to my need.  I will just use the all unallocated space for my new partition.

 7. Right click on it and select new simple volume and then select which type of partition do you want, you can select primary, extended or multiple logical in the extended one.  I am making the another primary partition from this unallocated space.

 8. That’s It after a short wizard I have make the new primary partition.

 9. The most interesting thing here is, you can re-merge this partition again after deleting the newly created partition by right clicking on it then select delete.

10. After deleting the same you will have again unallocated space like this.

 11. Now when unallocated space available, right click on drive C: and select extend.

 12. Short wizard will appear to ask how much space you want to merge in C:, I have select again all by clicking next.


 13. Now I have again C: partition having all of my Disk Space.


 Thanks, Please comment if you have any query.

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