Recover Hidden Files/Folders From Portable Storage Devices

Portable Storage Devices like USBs, Hard Drives and Pen drives are facilitating our day to day requirements. What happens when virus hide all of our important folders/data.  I have experienced mostly on Windows XP systems where this virus effects the portable storage devices with the help of auto run virus.  In this condition we can see all of our data by showing hidden and system files from the Folder Option, but can’t change the attributes of infected folders/files in GUI interface.

If you are in such situation then here a 100% working solution for you to unhide and recover your important files. Although you can also unhide files from Command Prompt, but some time it will not work. I am sharing a free applicationwhich is so simple and created for this purpose.

USB Show- As the name indicates that it will show and unhide all hidden files in your USBs/Pen drives/Hard drives in a very short times.


How to Use USB Show to Unhide Hidden Files?

1. Download USB Show Files, and Install.

2. Plugin your USB in Port.

3. Run USB Show Program and Click on “Recover the Hide Files” button and select your USB. Click on “OK” and wait for  a while, depends the size of data to recover.

That’s it.


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