Dropbox Promo Get Hurry!!!!!


I have been a great fan of Dropbox.  It gives very simple way to sync files between multiple devices, like PC, mobile etc without having to bother carrying around multiple memory sticks. Plus it’s stored securely online for you.  You can access your files on internet from anywhere just entering your account details.

Dropbox has announced that it is doubling the amount of free space that you are able to get when you invite other to use their service via its referral program.

What this means in real terms, is that for every person you invite to use Dropbox, you will both get an additional 500MB (before you only got an extra 250MB) for free on top of the 2GB you get just for signing up. In total you can refer up to 32 people to make the most of the offer which will give you an additional 16GB for free.

If you want to take advantage of the extra 500MB that you get for being referred to Dropbox, giving you 2.5GB then use my referral link here.

If you just want the basic 2GB that you get, then head to the main site and sign up.

That’s a very good deal for something that’s free.

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